Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

FLUTING - Cutting grooves into clay.

ca: ESTRIAR - Tallar ranures en l'argila.

es: ESTRIAR - cortar ranuras en la arcilla

Fluting is to cut grooves into to a clay surface as a decoration. It is done when the clay is leather hard and it is easier to work on an upright object because the slots have the same width from top to bottom. When fluting, you should have a support to stabilize your hand, use a table or a bridge.

There are special tools that are called carving gouges, metal with wooden handles; the metal part are made with different cutting angles and sizes. As the gouge moves forward it cuts through the clay and separates a long, thin, even piece, in one movement. This allows the clay to be slipped out leaving a groove.

Photos (a, b, c) have been lent by Monona Álvarez
Photos (d-j) have been taken in the Pottery School of Núria Pié