Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

FRAMING TILES (d) With wood made for framing

ca: EMMARCAT DE RAJOLES (d) Amb fusta feta per emmarcar

es: ENMARCADO DE AZULEJOS (d) Con madera hecha para enmarcar

Working sequence
a) Cut the wood the tiles are going to be glued to, taking into account the width of the part of the frame that will overlap it.
b) Glue the tiles to it, as explained in Framing Tiles (a), leaving the necessary border.
c) The frame is then attached so that the bottom of the inside part is level with the top of the tiles, so as not to cover the tiles and cut the design. This looks exactly the same as a framed painting.
d) The frame can overlap and rest on the wood that supports the tiles

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