Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

FOOT (c) Pottery: attached separately.

ca: PEU (c) Ceràmica: fet per separat.

es: PIE (c) Cerámica: Hecho por separado.

Footing that is made separately and then attached: The bowls are made in clay on the wheel and the legs are separately formed by hand, then both are left to become leather dry. The parts that have to be joined are scored and dampened with a thick slip, placed very firmly together and all the spaces round the outer edges of the joint are filled up with clay, this when fire seals them firmly. In this photo you can see how the inside of the basin is glazed but the underneath and the leg are not this is so the basin can be put on top of heat to cook. The cups are made in the same way but as they do not have to touch heat they are completely glazed, except for the tips that touch the floor. These are made for making a special Catalan party drink of burning brandy and mixing it with hot coffee and other substances. If you want to learn how to make it go to bowl cremat

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