Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

BRUSH - Cleaning paint brushes.

ca: PINZELL – Neteja de pinzells.

es: PINCEL - Limpieza de pinceles.

1) Brush cleaning with water. When you finish working, clean your brushes. Glaze colors can be cleaned off with just soap and water. Do not use them for other types of painting and never leave head down in any liquid as the hairs become bent. With time they can be corrected, but why waste time?

2) Brush cleaning with a solvent. When brushes have been used with a product that has to be cleaned with a solvent, rinse them with soap and water once they are clean. Otherwise they can become spoiled.

3) Brush, soaking. The best way to soak brushes, either in water or in a solvent, is to put all the brushes with their heads together facing downwards and tied on to a piece of wood or a brush pointed in the opposite direction, allowing the wood to overlap the heads of the brushes. By doing this, you can stand them up on the wood and the bristle will not be damaged or deformed by touching the bottom of the jar and can be left to soak as long as required.