Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi


ca: BALANÇA - Digital.

es: BALANZA - Digital.

Balance scales. There are now many types designed to weigh automatically and separate weights are no longer required. Shown here is a weighing machine that is a great asset for preparing colors, it weighs products from 0.0g to 1200g. It deducts the weight of the container you use to hold the product you are weighing. Turn it on and put the bowl on top, you will see it weighs 74.4 grams, press the button “tare” and it deducts this weight and goes to 0.0g. Fill up the bowl with a product you are using until you have the exact weight required.

Note: This type of weighing machine is not exact, for small quantities where the correct weight is very important use a Bean Scale.

When mixing colors to use in the Majolica method the proportions are one part made up of all the colors you need to make the color you want, mixed with three parts of a transparent glaze. Weigh each color needed separately and put them together in a large basin. Write down the amounts and add them up. Weigh and add three times as much transparent glaze as all the colors together.

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