Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

BORDERS (1) In relief.

ca: SANEFES (1) En relleu.

es: CENEFAS (1) En relieve.

Borders shown in relief: If a large quantity has to be made, it is better to use a mold. The following is just to give you an idea for a quick and simple solution. Remember the mold must be bigger than the finished work, to allow for the shrinking of clay during drying and firing.

The photographs show part of a tile design for a patio that was restored.
The main tiles are 15×15cm placed diagonally and the top, bottom and side tiles that are decorated are half a tile 7.5×15cm and are placed vertically and horizontally. The design was marked onto the tiles using carbon paper and the spaces filled up with colors straight onto the bisque, leaving the tile as the background.
a) The photo shows the top border in relief.
b) A drawing of (a) as it is difficult to see the shape in the photo.
c) The whole design that is repeated right round the patio.

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