Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

CASTING - Dragons (1) in pottery.

ca: BUIDAT - Dracs (1) en ceràmica.

es: VACIADO - Dragones (1) en cerámica.

Casting is to pour slip or put clay into a hollow plaster mold to create an object. When the clay is leather-hard it can be separated and it becomes a copy, known as a cast.

Casting; work with clay in relief.
These photos are taken in the workshop of Sot, in Barcelona, who specialize in reproducing small copies of the work of Gaudí. The following photos with their explanations describe the working method.

The figure in clay covered in plaster is made from a mold in two parts. It is redone, changed and improved until it is correct, then it is taken to a casting business to make the quantity needed.

The design used here is a dragon copied from the stairs at the entrance to the Güell Park (Párque Güell). It is in one piece, 5cm long and 4cm wide, the bottom part of the dragon’s feet is flat, so it can be attached to walls or laid on a table.
The photos go through the stages of casting in the order of working and each one has a short description.

Photos were taken in the workshop of Sot and is the work of Jordi Salvador: www.ceramicasot.com

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