Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

CLAY (3) Checking

ca: ARGILA (3) Preparació

es: ARCILLA (3) Preparación

The three different ways to prepare clay have been explained. When working with a wheel it must have an even consistency of texture, without lumps or air pockets and be strong and dry enough in texture to keep its form while being turned. The following are two ways to check the clay before starting to work.

Clay Palming Clay Palming is to push the clay down, on a flat surface, with the palm of your hand so it leaves a very fine layer. This allows you to check the state of the clay, to see if there are any foreign bodies, lumps of clay or air bubbles which you can remove. Roll it up, turn it 90º and repeat what you have done several times until it is completely clean.

Clay Slicing. When you think the clay is prepared to use, cut through what you are kneading in several places, to make sure it is correct and run your finger over the cut parts, to feel for anything you cannot see.

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