Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

CONTAINERS (2) Glaze-base.

ca: CONRENIDORS (2) Esmalt-base.

es: CONTENEDORES (2) Esmalte - base.

Containers for keeping and applying glazes should be big and covered when not in use. They are for applying crude glaze and colors onto all types of ware, either by dipping or throwing. The table we have designed holds three containers, one for each of the different glaze-bases we use. They are part of the table and have flat lids that form the table top, which can also be used to work on. The biggest one is 64cm in diameter and 30cm deep, with the capacity to hold about 35 litres of the main glaze-base we use; the other two are 30cm wide and 29cm deep. When designing a table, make sure that the biggest container will take the largest object you plan to decorate.

a) Table designed to hold 3 containers with different glaze-bases.
b) A close up of a basin with tiles prepared for throwing.
c) The 3 basins covered with separate table tops that form one flat surface.

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