Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

CRANKS - Putting tiles in cranks

ca: CASELLES - Omplint-les amb rajoles

es: CASILLAS – Llenándolas con azulejos

Cranks packing tiles. Start by packing the tiles at the top of the crank, so if anything is scraped off, nothing underneath may be damaged. Using your fingers like a flat tray, balance a tile so it is straight and push it until it is supported on each side by the small shelves inside the crank. Make sure that the decorated part is not scratched by the shelf above it.

When the crank is full, straighten the tile using a ruler that is longer than the height of the crank. Stand it on the table and push it against the edges of the tiles until they are level. When full a crank becomes very heavy. it can be held underneath when you move it, or on both sides, but when filling a kiln that opens from the top, it is difficult to put the last one in onto each floor. Because there is no there is no space for your hands, it has to be held at the top between one fingers and the thumb of each hand and let down into the last space.

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