Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

DRY CORD 3 A method in decorating pottery.

ca: CORDA SECA 3 Mètode per a decorar ceràmica.

es: CUERDA SECA 3 Método para decorar cerámica.


The designs were made for the outside of a block of appartments.
The designs have 44 tiles, 20 × 20cm each so the whole design measures 220cm x 80cm. The design was put on to transparent paper and pounced, then marked on to the bisque tiles with industrial talcum power. Talcum powder, being white, shows up against the red of the bisque. The outlines of the drawing were painted on with oil paint, and then the spaces were filled up with ceramic oxide colors that vitrify at 1000º C. When fired the oil paint, being a vegetable product, burns away and leaves the color of the bisque as an outline.

The first two photos are designs made for the outside of a building and the last shows one in its architectural setting.

Note: Dry Cord has 4 sections, this is the first Dry Cord they are all connected and if you go to the letter “D” you can see them all together.