Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

DELFT - A town in Holland that specializes in the Majolica Method.

ca: DELFT - Ciutat d’Holanda especialitzada en el Mètode Majòlica.

es: DELFT - Ciudad de Holanda especializada en el Método Mayólica.

Delft is a town in Holland that has specialized in pottery using the Majolica method for many centuries and this method is known in and outside Holland under the name of the town. In England it is called English delftware and now through American influence it is becoming known as Majolica. Many countries have their own name for this method but basically the working process is the same; over earthenware an opaque white tin-glazed is laid, then decorated and both are fired together. It is interesting to be able to appreciate the variety of styles which developed from the same method in the European countries. What makes them different are the ways of designing, using colors and the form given by brush strokes.

Catalan – Majólica / Holland – Delft / England – Majolica / France – Faience / Italy – Maiolica/ Spain – Mayólica.

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