Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

FIRING (2) Colors for pottery.

ca: COCCIÓ (2) Colors en ceràmica.

es: COCCIÓN (2) Colors.

Firing colors: There is a limitless amount of colors with different methods and textures, so that preparing colors can become a specialty in itself. Colors are separated into three groups, related to the different firing temperatures:

Soft fired between 600º C to 1050º C
Medium fired between 1050º C to 1200º C.
Hard fired between 1200º C to 1300º C.

If colors are going to be fired several times, either at the same or different temperatures, they should be tested. Soft colors are usually not affected, but Medium and Hard can be. With a second firing, even if at the same temperature, they can lose their brilliance, become darker and suffer other consequences. The lower the firing temperature, the glazes become softer and risk of them being damaged after firing is greater. The higher the temperature, the stronger they become and the risk of abrasion diminishes.