Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

GLAZE-BASE (l) Cleaning-up

ca: ESMALT-BASE (l) Neteja

es: ESMALTE-BASE (l) Limpieza

Cleaning: When you have finished, keep the glaze-base that has been brushed off. Scrape it off the walls, tables, wooden bars, and tiles you do not want to use. If you have tiles that have started to be decorated but have been damaged, scrape off the glaze with the colors and throw it away. Then scrape off the remaining clean glaze-base, using a plastic scraper or a strong dry brush. Put what you have recovered into the correct box for this type of dirty glaze.

Note: We have three different types of glaze-bases permanently prepared which are kept in large plastic containers. Each container is a different color and they form part of the table where I prepare the tiles. I have three plastic boxes in the same colors as the containers, where I keep the dirty glaze-base of each type. When a box is full, add water and pass it through a sieve back into the container with the same type of glaze and mix them together.

It is impossible to keep the prepared glaze-base from getting dirty. When you have a small amount left in your container, clean it before preparing more. Pour the remaining glaze-base into buckets; clean and wash the container; pass all the dirty glaze-base through a sieve and back into the container and then prepare more.
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