Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

GLAZE-BASE (n) Textures with added substances

ca: ESMALT-BASE (n) Textures amb substàncies afegides.

es: ESMALTE-BASE (n) Texturas con sustancias añadidas.

In the same way that you can add grog to clay; you can also add other substances to glaze-bases or glaze-colors to give different textures. Some of these will burn away, such as rice and wood; others like bisque and sand will not burn away and will leave a rough antique texture. Make sure the solid ones vitrify at the same or higher temperature than the glaze; otherwise they may melt and bleed. Bisque can also be useful for creating textures. Break down the amount needed in a mortar or sandpaper the bisque and use the powder that has been filed off. If you have an electric machine for cutting tiles, keep the powder that gets thrown off. Pass it all though a sieve before mixing with a glaze-base or color.
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