Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

GREEN - In the Majolica method.

ca: VERD - En el mètode Majòlica.

es: VERDE - En el método Mayólica.

Green is a very important color in the Majolica method and green copper oxide is one of the main ones used. You can mix and make up colors to your own taste. The following, going from right to left, are the four I use in the Majolica method.

1) Green copper: 1-green copper oxide (Cu2O)
2) Green light: 1-yellow (Si-Zr-Pr) + 0,250 green strong (Co-Cr)
3) Green strong: 1-green strong (Co-Cr)
4) Green dirty: 1-green (Co-Cr) + 0, 50 yellow (Zr-Si-Pr) + 0, 05 orange (Pb-Sb-Fe)

5a) Grape leaves: The leaves have a large space of yellow round the edge and the center is green copper, which overlaps the yellow and as they both have different intensities this gives a large variation in colors.
5b) Grapes: Yellow is put in the center of each grape leaving a small space of the white base on the left and a larger one on the right. Then this space and most of the yellow is covered with light green and shaded slightly with strong green.
6) Jacket: Strong brown, lightly painted under strong green.
7) Trousers: Dirty green shaded lightly with strong brown.
8) Bushes: Yellow overlapped with light green and shaded with strong green.