Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

GREEN COPPER - In the Majolica method.

ca: VERD DE COURE - En el mètode Majòlica.

es: VERDE COBRE - En el método Mayólica.

Green Copper: The plates below are copied from a photo; the original is in the Ceramic Museum of Barcelona. It was originally painted after 1400 AD in Paterna, a town in Valencia. When this style started it was known as Bicolor as it uses two colors only, manganese and copper green. There is also Tricolor which uses three colors; the most common colors for this method are green and blue.

Copper oxide is a green color used over and under other colors to create different colors and shades. If used heavily it becomes black with a silver shine when fired.

The photos below show green copper in different ways and with different colors.

a) b) c) d) Copies of antique plates: which only use two colors manganese and green copper.
e) Collecting grapes; shows the whole picture.
f) Close-up of the leaves; two thirds of each leaf is painted with yellow, green copper covers the last third and also half the yellow.
g) Jacket; yellow with green copper on top.
h) Jacket; shaded lightly with dark brown then covered with green copper.
i) Jacket; shaded with blue then covered with green copper.