Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

GLUE for repairing - Fired at 1280º C for pottery.

ca: GOMA reparadora - Cocció a 1280 º C en ceràmica.

es: GOMA reparadora – Cocción a 1280ºC en cerámica.

Do not prepare this glue until needed, it dries very quickly and then it has to be thrown away.
3 Gr. kaolin.
1 Gr. Clay
1 Gr. calcined alumina
3 ml. sodium silicate

Mix them all together, so as to form a thick paste. Lay it on both sides of the pieces to be joined and hold them together until they are firmly stuck. If it is a space fill it up with this glue. Fire the pieces, then decorate and fire them again. These have all been fired at 1280º C. Remember that until they are fired the glue has not vitrified and the pieces still can separate.

a) The first photo shows the bowl cracked.
b) The crack has been filled up with the glue and fired. As it is a different product to the clay it has a different color.
c) The piece decorated and fired at1280º C.

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