Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

GIFFIN GRIP - Pottery.

ca: GIFFIN GRIP - Ceràmica.

es: GIFFIN GRIP - Cerámica.

The Giffin Grip is a tool made to be attached to a potter’s wheel. It is designed to hold plates and jar, when they are leather hard, upside down and correctly centered, while being turned. It holds the pieces in place while trimming the footings and it makes the work faster and easier. It is used for the same purposes as a chuck and comes in two pieces, a spiral plate which is a wheel bat, and a top plate which holds what is being turned.

The three illustrations show how to work with a large plate, jar and small plate. Click here Giffingrip there are two videos, the second gives instructions on how to mount and how to work a Giffin Grip. Read more about: Chuck