Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

HINGE CLAMPS - For screen printing.

ca: FRONTISSA - Per serigrafia.

es: BISAGRA - Para serigrafia.

Hinge clamps; are designed to hold a screen over a flat product, such as tile, shirt, paper etc. to print on a design. It has two clamps: a) to attach it to a table or shelf with a knob c) to tighten it and b) at the end of the arm to hold the screen. At the top of the neck there is a screw d) that alters the height of the arm; space e) is the height. The frame of the screen is held between f) and g), the width between them can be altered by turning h) and i) which when tightened keeps it in place. The arm can be moved upwards 45º and the knob j) keeps it in place. This allows the screen to be tilted without altering its correct placing for printing. There are many types and sizes of hinge clamp, this is the simplest.
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