Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

KILN - Test colors

ca: FORN - Prova de Colors

es: HORNO - Prueba de Colores

Kiln test colors: Small kilns for testing colors are useful if you make up your own colors, but they do have problems because as they are small, the heat rises quicker than a normal kiln and I find this alters the colors slightly. This kiln takes bits of bisque 5 cm wide by 15 cm long. Mark them on the back with a code; lay them on top of another piece of bisque which is used as a tray and is slightly larger to protect the kiln, should the colors run. Firing up to 1000º C takes 50 minutes. The box behind the kiln is a transformer as it was made to use with a weaker electrical current 110 volts. This shows you how old it is. Now all Europe has basically the same voltage, 220V. This sufficient for what I need but now you can buy very good industrially made ones.

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