Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

LIDS, KNOBS (g) Attached and opened.

ca: TAPAS TIRADORS (g) Afegides en ceràmica.

es: TAPAS TIRADORES (g) Añadidas en cerámica.

KNOB – Attaching and opening.
The lid has been thrown on the wheel, separated and turned so it is the right way up and put on a bat. Leave it to become leather hard, dry enough to attach a knob without damaging the shape. Put it back, with the bat, on to the wheel, attach the knob and open it.

The Stages of working.
a) Make a ball of clay the size needed for the knob and slice off a piece, the part that is flat will be attached to the lid.
b) Scratch the part on the lid and knob that are going to be joined, cover them with slip, push them together, then smooth off and seal up the joint.
c) Turn the wheel and with your finger start making an open space in the center.
d) Making the space in the center bigger and the outer walls thinner.
e) Put a large needle through the wall, at the height you want the wall to be. Holding it very steadily, turn the wheel until the two ends meet and the piece is completely separated
f) With the needle in your right hand supporting the top edge with the first finger of your left hand remove the surplus piece of clay.
g) Give the final shape to the knob, pulling the edge out and leaving a narrower neck.
h) The last drawing is the casserole finished.

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