Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MOLD: 8 Clay cutting

ca: MOTLLE: 8 De tall

es: MOLDE: 8 De corte

Working process
1) Roll out the clay to the heights required.
2) These are two die walls for cutting out shapes in clay, they are 15cm wide and 8cm high and designed to fit together and form patterns.
3) Put them on top of the clay; push them down and cut out the shapes.
4) Lay them on top of newspaper, cover them newspaper and a large flat piece of wood, to stop them warping while drying.
5) When they are leather hard they can be lifted up and with a damp piece of foam rubber, all the rough parts can be smoothed down.
6) Lay them out again and leave them until they are dry enough to fire.

7) They have ben bisque fired and can be decorated, cover them with a white opaque glaze-base, pouring it over them in the same way as for preparing tiles.
8) Clean the side and backs.
9) Decorate them with designs and colors and colors you want, remembering they can be put together and laid out in different ways.

Designed and made by Natalia Galera
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