Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

MOLD: 5 Hand made cranks

ca: MOTLLE: 5 Caselles dentades fetes a mà

es: MOLDE: 5 Casillas dentadas hechas a mano

These cranks are made to be used in pairs of any required size. They must be a size easy to hold, as both sides are separat and have to be moved together. These are made to hold from 2 to 6 tiles. They are useful for filling up small spaces in the kiln and to support tiles of odd measurements. If made in stoneware and fired at a high temperature they will be stronger and last longer than if made in earthenware. With an electric tile cutter, cranks can be cut down and filed.

These illustrations show cranks of different sizes being used.

The wood should be sandpapered and varnished to protect it from the dampness of the clay. The clay has to be taken out before it is dry, as otherwise it will shrink in every direction and break. The mold was designed to solve this problem so it is completely dismountable, each part can be taken out separately. Work out the measurements you need, taking into account the sizes of the tiles you use in relation to the shrinking of the clay when drying and firing.

1) 5 separate pieces of wood for the mold. a) 2 side walls, b) 2 end walls c) the floor.
2) A finished crank in relation to the mold.
3) The wood added to make separate cranks d)