Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi


ca: NUMERACIÓ I CODIS - rajoles decorades

es: NUMERACIÓN Y CODIFICACIÓN – Azulejos decorados

Numbering and coding tiles of large designs
When you make a large design or you produce several of the same one, you must number and code them. Before firing, on the back of each tile, using a dark ceramic color, paint the number and code for the design which will be permanent once fired

Numbering: The design has been marked onto the tiles, lift the tiles up one by one, holding them by the edges so as not to touch the base and code them on the back with their number and letter using a dark ceramic color. Start at the bottom left hand corner, which is A1. This tile is the one the builder starts to work with when attaching them to a wall. The numbers go horizontally and letters vertically.

Coding: If you prepare more than one of the same designs put a sign like a cross or two lines on the back of all the tiles that go together to form a picture. The sign is very important as when the tiles have been fired you will know which ones go together. Two of the same design look alike but if mixed you will see the differences, the outlines do not fit and the colors and brush strokes are different.
When one section has been marked you will have to move it, either to where you are going to paint or into a crank.