Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

PINCHING - Making a bowl with the pinching technique.

ca: PESSIC - Fent un bol amb la tècnica del pessic

es: PELLIZCO - Haciendo un bol con la técnica de pellizco

Pinching is one of the oldest methods of giving shape to clay and here it is covered in two sections, of which this is the first. There are many illustrationsat the end of the section;
Pinching clay into a bowl
1) Make your clay into a ball.
2) Then press your thumb into the center of the ball and press the outside with your fingers. Go round the edge, pinching and gradually making the walls thinner and more uniform.
3) As the walls get thinner, start giving it the shape you require.
4) The clay for pinching must be in one piece, parts cannot joined or connected with slip; you can only add to the work when attaching handles or other complements.
These photos have been lent by: Javier Fanlo