Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Rotary sieve; made in metal with all its parts dismountable. It has changeable floors of disks with different sized mesh. It has two handles, one overlaps the wall on both sides and at one end is the handle to pick it up with, both are attached with screws to the wall and in the middle there is a hole which the second handle goes through and is attached to the brush. When turned it rotates a brush over the mesh and pushes the substances, liquid or powders through the mesh.

a) The wall. b) The different sized disks, which make up the floor. c) The handle to hold and turn the brush. d) The brush. e) The handle to turn it. f) The first three pieces together. g) The last three pieces together. h) The complete rotary sieve.

Read more about : Glaze-base (c) Preparing the glaze-base at the end it has a video where you can see the rotary sieve being used.