Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




a) Hand spray that is plastic and controlled by hand, useful for dampening clay and a glaze-base with water clay and a glaze-base when it is too dry to decorate.
b) Suction Spray Gun. The paint is applied by the air compressed in the gun, so you get a perfect application. The container below is for storage of a liquid.
c) Mouth spray has limited applications, it is only for small details or to fix colors prior to firing. It is controlled by breathing an some have a removable plastic mouthpiece to make cleaning easier.

d) Spray gun with set up so you can controll it by hand and adjust the pressure.
e) A tube, one end has a gun hose and the other must be connected to the compressor.
f) Parts of the spray container, tank, cap and nozzle.
g) An electrical compact compressor of 25 liters with a regulator for pressure and air.