Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

SPRAYING - Glaze in pottery.

ca: POLVORITZAR – Esmalt de ceràmica

es: PULVERIZAR – esmalte de cerámica

Spraying. Spray decorating in pottery can be used to decorate clay or bisque, to apply colors, form textures, slips and glazes transparent or with colors. Great care must be taken; you must use a spray booth,, where goggles, a mask and gloves, because of the toxic and poisonous fumes that can come out.

The glaze has to be finely sieved so it can pass through the nozzle of the air gun, use a 120 mesh. The pieces being decorated must be well inside the spray box and places on a hand wheel, so they can be turned and sprayed all the way round. The air gun must be held, steadily, at the right distance, so the lair of paint sprayed has an even texture all the way round.

Note: It is important to clean the airbrush after each use. Follow the instructions that come with it to clean them properly, otherwise the nozzles get clogged.