Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Sandpaper block holds the sandpaper ready to use. It can be renewed and changed to the strength needed. Good for making a smooth surface on green ware. It is sold in sheets with different textures and they measure 23×28 cm. To use cut it widthwise into 4 pieces 7× 23 cm, when put together the size should be comfortable to hold.

You can buy or make a block.

To make a block.
a) Small block; b) Thick block; c) Sandpaper; d) Screw; e) Sandpaper new and cut to size.

It is made up of two small blocks of wood, the top one 2cm thick and the bottom one 7cm, which are the correct length and width to hold the sandpaper. When put together the size should be comfortable to hold. It has two screws to hold the two pieces of wood together and if you put in screws with a head, this makes it easier to change the sandpaper but make sure that betweenthe screws you have enough room to hold it.

To buy.
They are made in plastic in two parts, one side flat for the sandpaper and one curved for your hand. Inside each one there is a rectangular wall, each part fits inside the other to hold both parts together. The sandpaper is wrapped round the flat part, which has 4 metal pins inside to hold it in place. When both parts are clipped together, you have your sandpaper block.