Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TABLE - With tiles

ca: TAULA - Amb rajoles

es: TABLERO - Mesa con azulejos

Tables with tiles: If they are for indoor usethe tiles can be supported by a wooden frame but for outdoor use, metal and plaster should be used.

Wood; Framing tje tiles is done the same way as mounting pictures.

a) Table: Wood is cut out to the size needed then pieces of newspaper are glued on to it with carpenters’ glue and left to dry. When dry, using the same glue, the tiles are stuck on top of the paper.

b) Table for a cup of tea: This was made for a client who wanted a support for the edge of the bath to hold a cup of tea. It is a tile 20×20cm, framed with wood, with two clips attached to the back, so it can be clipped on to edge of the bath. It was designed so no more cups are broken.

c) Table top can be made with tiles or a mosaic design. The photo shows an old sewing machine used as legs for a patio table. The table has a metal frame with bars that crisscross between it. On top goes a layer of cement and when dry the tiles are cemented to it, like laying tiles on a floor.

d) Tables with a sun shade. Many tables are made with a hole drilled through the center big enough to fit the leg of the shade. Make a floor of plaster over the metal table top and leave it to dry. Then drill a hole in the center of the table that will be big enough to hold the leg of the sun shade. Drill a hole, the same size, in the tile that will go on top of it. Use plaster to attach the tiles to the table. The mounting and framing of tiles is explained more thoroughly in Read more about: Framing and Mounting tiles