Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




The names of the parts of a tripod.
1) Camera screw. 2) Plate. 3) Quick release system. 4) Side-tilt lock. 5) Horizontal motion block. 6) Column. 7) Telescopic leg. 8) Camera platform. 9) Panoramic head. 10) Camera platform lock. 11) Column lock. 12) Column crank. 13) Collet

Tripods are made to hold cameras at different angles and heights. There are hundreds of different makes and types, so get one that is light to carry, easy to fold and strong enough to stay in place when being used.
In ceramics, photographing and filing your work is very important and as glazed ceramic work has a glass surface it cannot be photographed with a flash as this reflects on the object being photographed. You must have a good, strong, steady tripod so the camera is completely static when taking a photo as the slightest movement will spoil it.