Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TILE - Stands

ca: RAJOLA - Suport

es: AZULEJO - Soporte

Tile Stands In the drawings below, there are two stands. Both have a small, narrow wooden bar along the bottom to support the tiles.

a) Tile support b) Border tile support c) Wooden bar – Tile support d) Wall supports.

1) The large stand can hold up to twenty tiles lengthwise and nine tiles high, which makes it 135cms high and 300cm long. The tile support is one piece of wood, and on each side has a leg that extends up to the top. At the top, the legs rest against the wall to support the weight of the tiles. This creates a slant in the stand so at the bottom the legs have to be cut at an angle.
2) A slight slant is necessary to keep the tiles from falling off, as is shown in the side view illustration.
3) The small stand is to put on a table so you can work sitting down. It is designed to hold up to six tiles, vertically or horizontally.

BORDER TILE SUPPORTS: Start by putting a line of bisque border tiles supports along the stand, to the length of what you are going to paint. This makes a space between the bottom tile of the design and the bar that supports it, so when products being used fall they collect on top of the bar and against the border and do not touch the prepared tiles. On top of the bisque tiles, place the ones that have been prepared to work with. They should have the design marked on, be numbered, coded and have the excess ash cleaned off.

Note: A border tile is a tile cut in half. Read more about: / Majolica: 5b – Tiles preparing to paint.