Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TILE (2) Cutting narrow bars.

ca: RAJOLA (2) Tallar tita estreta.

es: AZULEJO (2) Cortar tira estrecha.

Cutting a tile; mark the lines on the tile where it has to be cut. It measures 15×15cm and can be used to make two bars of different widths, each one will have an uncut straight side of the tile which makes it stronger. With a pencil draw lines for the two sizes needed, the one on the left is 1cm and will be cut first and the one on the right is 2cm. Cut through half the tile that is going to be used, about 4cm from the drawn line and parallel to it, turn it and cut the other half, so it separates.

Hold the piece flat and cut several times into the part that has to be removed, remember do not let the lower part of the disk pass the line and cut off the bits one by one. Continue doing this until the part to be cut off is too narrow and the disk would damage the main piece or the pressure could break it. To finish narrowing it with the disk turning, hold it against the side and file it down, move it gently to level it out, smooth the side and round off the top corner.
The photos are in the order of working.

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