Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TEAPOT: (h) Lid

ca: TETERA: (h) Tapa.

es: TETERAS: (h) Tapa

Method of working
With calipers measure the diameter of the mouth of the pot, it is important that the size is correct.
Form a cone and calculate the amount of clay needed to make the lid. Open with your fingers on the top, using the same movement as you would when making a small bowl, then raise the height needed for the lid.
Open the clay a little, the inner diameter of the walls should be equal to the mouth of the pot, check it using the calipers.
With your fingers form the flange that is the same diameter as the mouth of the teapot and check that the sizes coincide. With a kidney indent a line where the lid will be separated from the cone and separate it.

The sections on teapot have been lent to the dictionary by Ramon Fort from his book El torno, giro a giro.
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