Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

TILES - One tile designs.

Tiles designs of one tile: are separated into two sections –

1) Occupations are one tile designs that illustrate different ways of working.

2) Collections of one tile designs that have several different designs on the same subject that go through a method of working, like making oil or wine.

In the past tiles were illustrative ways of educating the illiterate public.
During the century’s they have been made in many different parts of Spain, hand painted using the Majolica Method. The main places were Talavera, Valencia and Catalonia and they all differed slightly in style depending on where they were made.

A one tiles designs were never signed and the painters had different ways to recognize their work and how birds were painted was one way, with a very fine brush, using a dark color, the birds were painted and each artist had his own style and how they were placed was very important.

The first line of tiles shows three different ways the painters recognized the tiles as theirs, with birds. (a, b & c)

The second line shows three different ways to mix one tile designs and lay them out to form a picture to the size needed. (d, e, & f)

The third line (d) to (g) are with borders and (h) without one and (i) is the reproduction of antique tiles of fruit and vegetables for the decoration of a kitchen and the white tiles are prepared with the same opaque glaze-base the decorated ones.