Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

FOOT (b) Pottery: turned like a bowl.

ca: PEU (b) Ceràmica: tornejat como un bol.

es: PIE (b) Cerámica: torneado como un cuenco.

FOOT – Turning like a bowl
The foot is formed by throwing the main part on a stack. A stack is a cone of clay at the top of which bowls or pots are turned. Once finished, they are cut off the wheel, turned upside down and have enough clay to form a large foot. In Spain special chemist pots are made with this footing and are caller “cálices”. The first photos show three different ones that have been decorated. The second line show the main body and the underneath part of the foot of one that has been clay fired but not decorated and the next is a pot decorated. The last one shows the underneath part painted with the signature and fired

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