Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

FRAMING TILES (b) With wood

ca: EMMARCAT DE RAJOLES (b) Con fusta

es: ENMARCADO DE AZULEJOS (b) Con madera

Framing tiles with wood A simple and economical way of framing tiles is explained next. The first drawing shows a frame for one tile that can also be made for any amount of tiles; and the second drawing shows six tiles framed as one, but separately. For the horizontal design of 6 separate tiles, each measuring 15 × 15cm., the wood that frames the tiles must be 3 cm wide. The wood that supports the tiles from behind will measure: height 3 + 15 + 3+ 15 +3 = 39 cm, length 3 + 15 + 3 + 15 + 3 +15 +3 = 51 cm, plus ⅛ cm length and width, to allow space for the tiles to be put in and taken out.

Preparing the wood
Frame Cutter: If you make simple frames for your tiles, a frame cutter is needed. It is an instrument that cuts the wood at 45º in both directions. The size of the wood to be cut must be the size of the tiles plus the width of the frame wood.
Working sequence
1) Cut the wood for the frame, which is 1in (3cm) wide at 45º.
2) Put the wood on a flat surface and lay the tiles on top. The wood is prepared with newspaper as explained.
3) Lay the frame round the edges to check that they all fit together correctly. Remove the tiles.
4) Apply strong, quick-drying glue to the back of the wood cut for the framing. Put it in place, hold it until it is firmly stuck, then continue with the other sides placing them correctly.
5) In the same way add the wood that separates the tiles, as shown in the second photo. To make it stronger when glued, very fine nails can be hammered through the back into the frames.

Coloring the wood: If the frame has to be painted or varnished, it is better to do it when the frame is attached to the wood and before the tiles are put on. Paint the back and all sides of the frame with the substance required and then when dry, glue the tiles onto the wood.

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