Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

FRAMING TILES (c) Large pictures

ca: EMMARCAT DE RAJOLES (c) Quadres grans

es: ENMARCADO DE AZULEJOS (c) Cuadros grandes

Framing large pictures: If a picture has a large amount of tiles it becomes very heavy and care must be taken in the method used for hanging it up, as ordinary hooks in the back are not safe enough. The following method is very good.

Working sequence
a) Calculate how many flat-hooks are needed to safely hang the picture.
b) On the wood that has been prepared with newspaper for mounting the tiles, calculate exactly how many flat-hooks are needed and where. Mark these points on the side without paper.
c) For each flat-hook you need two flat-ended screws and nuts. The length of the screws is the width of the wood plus the flat-hook and nut.
d) Drill through the wood at these points, making the holes the exact size for the screws being used.
e) On the side with the paper, file down the sides of the holes to 45º, deep enough so the head of the screw is lower than the wood.
f) Put in the screws, add the flat-hooks at the back, screw on the nuts and tighten them very firmly.
g) Glue the tiles to the wood, on the side with the paper.
h) Frame the tiles. At the back, the edge of the frame that overlaps the wood should be wider than the protruding part of the flat-hook, so the frame lays flat against the wall.
i) With pliers, bend the top of the flat-hooks outwards.
j) Insert strong hooks into the wall where the picture is going to hang.
The picture can be lifted and hung, just slipping the flat-hooks over the hooks in the wall.

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