Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

FOOT (e) Pottery: Cleaner to remove glazes.

ca: NETEJADOR de bases

es: LIMPIADOR de bases

Foot cleaner is a machine run by hand or electricity, designed to clean the footings of decorated work, the parts that touch the floor. it removes glaze, slips and colors before the object is fired, as with heat they act like glue.

The photos show one that is electric; the continuous rotation of the rollers turn and move a band of foam rubber, which is dampened by the water in the deposit below, the pieces to be cleaned are held lightly on top and as it moves it cleans the underneath part. What is removed falls and collects at the bottom and occasionally needs to be cleaned and the water changed.

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Photos taken in the workshop of Sot: www.ceramicasot.com