Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Lleo consists of three pieces molded in refractory and fired at 1280º C, then decorated following the Majolica method and fired at 980º C. The lion and the background are in one piece and flat but at different levels, there is a variation of ½in (2cm), the letters “LL” and “EO” are in relief.

Working sequence
Flat Relief: is a design with different layers of flat clay.
a) Roll out the clay to the height needed.
b) Cut out the shapes needed. In Lleo there are three pieces.
c) Mark the outline by laying the design on top of the clay and with a pencil, mark round the outline indenting it into the clay.
d) Scrape and sliver off the lower parts to make the different levels.
e) Model and tidy up the edges to the exact shapes you need. Here it is in two levels, but this depends on your design requirements. When dry it was fired at 1280º C.

Decorating: The glaze-base has been put on with a texture called shacking.
Stir the base that is in your base container, take out a bowlful and put it to one side, add water to the base until it is very thin, then stir it well.

Prepare the three pieces in the following way, one by one. Hold one upside down and dip it into the base just deeply enough to cover the front and sides but not the back, so that the base goes in between the angles. Move it from side to side, lift it out and turn it round. With a brush made with palm leaves, dip the leaves into the thick glaze that has been kept and shack it over the thin glaze, leaving the surfaces with a texture.
With a paintbrush drip more glaze over the letters and lion and with a wet brush smooth it down.
Clean the base off the backs but leave it round the sides, then paint the letters and the lion and fire it at 980º C.

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