Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

BANDING (1) Pottery - Painting lines around plates, lids and jars.

ca: BANDAT (1) Procés de treball per a plats, tapes i gerros.

es: BANDAS (1) Proceso de trabajo para platos, tapaderas y jarros.

This section explains how to band and applies to the different ways of working that follow

The Working Process
1) Place the object you are decorating in the center of the hand wheel making sure it is centered exactly. If it is not centered properly, the two ends of the line you paint around the circumference, while turning the wheel, will not meet.

2) You can band with a pencil, a paintbrush with water or directly with paint.

3) Draw the banding lines. Balance your hand on the metal banding bar holding a soft lead pencil between your fingers and just touching what you are decorating in the place you want to start. With your other hand turn the wheel by its neck. Do not move the hand holding the pencil; keep it steady, as the wheel turns, you will draw your line. Using a pencil is a way of provisionally making the lines that can be used as guides for marking on the designs or for painting the lines.

4) You can paint the lines in the same way directly with a paintbrush and a color or with water.
Water is used when the glaze-base is very dry, doing this helps the paintbrush to move smoothly and not take off the base.

5) Your brush can run out of color so add more to it and continue and if the density of the color varies, paint that part again.

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