Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

BANDING (2) Bars in pottery.

ca: BANDAT (2) Barres en ceràmica

es: BANDAS (2) Barras en cerámica

Banding Bars are to support your hand while drawing or painting lines round jars, plates or lids. The bar should be made of a strong metal, be high enough to decorate the largest pieces you work with and should not move with the pressure of working. The bottom end has a clamp so it can be attached tightly to the edge of a table.

When banding on top of an object, like a plate or a lid, you should stand, and when working round the object, you can sit or stand.
Turn the wheel with one hand, with the other hold the bar with your little finger and the brush between your thumb and first finger and continue as explained in the working section.

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