Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

CENTERING - Banding in pottery.

ca: CENTRAT – Fer bandes en ceràmic.

es: CENTRADO - Bandeado en cerámica.

Centering for banding. Banding is to draw a line round circular ware, jars, bowls, plates or lids; they can be in different states, leather-hard, bisque and glaze-base. Center what you are going to band on a hand wheel. The circles marked on the wheel will help but look at the object from the side, turning the wheel slowly to see that the placing is correct.

Use a banding bar or bridge to support the hand that holds the tool so it just touches the ware and with the other hand turn the wheel. If correctly centered the two ends of the line should meet after completing the whole circumference. To practice, work on a bisque fired object, use a soft lead pencil or brush with water, the pencil marks will burn away when fired and water will dry off. Read more about: Banding (1) Working Process