Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

BARS (2) Metal used in pottery.

ca: BARRES (2) Metàl•liques per ceràmica.

es: BARRAS (2) Metálicas para cerámica.

Metal bars; you need several that are long and flat. They are used to draw long straight lines, hold tiles in place while screen printing and to straighten tiles when putting them in the kiln for firing. When the bars are long, drill a hole in one end so that they can be hung up.

a) A metal bar clamped to the table at each end keeps the tiles being printed in place.
b) A metal bar being used to straighten the tiles in the crank.
c) Long metal bars with a hole drilled in one end so as to hang them up.

The next section; Bars (3) Support for tiles being painted by hand.