Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

CLAY (2) Wedging.

ca: ARGILA (2) Pastat

es: ARCILLA (2) Amasado

Wedging - Stage 1 & 2
1) On a work table, throw a lump of clay and push it down to form a long, thick oblong block, the width measuring about half the length.
2) Cut it through the center and separate the two halves and put one on top of the other.
3) Ram it down until it is the same thickness as before, lift it up vertically, cut through the center.
4) Lay one half top of the other, turning the top one 90º.
Note: Repeat the above steps until it is thoroughly mixed.

Spiral Wedging
1. Take a lump of clay, which should be quite soft, push it out into a thick rectangular lump.
2. Pull a little of the far side up and towards you, rolling and pushing it downwards into the clay it overlaps. Continually doing this will form a rocking movement, backwards and forwards.
3. Slightly flatten out the clay, turn it round and repeat the process on the other side.
4. Go on repeating until the clay is well mixed.

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