Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

COLORS - Instruments for applying in pottery.

ca: COLORS - Instruments per l'aplicació en ceràmica.

es: COLORES - Instrumentos para la aplicación en cerámica.

ICING TUBES can be a bag or tube, metal or plastic and come with a selection of different shaped nozzles. As colors are not solid, round ones of different sizes are used. Read more about: Icing tubes (c) & (d)

SLIP TRAILERS have a soft plastic body in the shape of a bulb with a long, thin nozzle about 3cm in length. They are filled up with slip which with the pressure of your hand on the bulb comes out in a long unbroken line and texture. They are small and can be bought with interchangeable nozzles.
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SPRAYS are used to put a liquid onto an object. They have a bottle to hold the liquid and a spray gun attached, like a lid. They have a trigger that with hand pressure expels the liquid onto a surface. There are many types, sizes and methods and they can be controlled by hand or be electric.
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SYRINGES were originally made of glass for medical use, they are now plastic and special ones are made for pottery to draw lines and fill up spaces. There are different sizes and nozzles.
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TRAILING BOTTLE They consist of a small plastic bottle which allows the pressure of the hand to push the slip out through a nib. They are in four pieces the bottle, the neck, the top and the nib. The nibs are made with different sized holes to trail lines of different widths. There are very fine ones made for writing.
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