Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

COILING (2) Ways of using clay coils.

ca: XURROS (2) Diferents usos d’argila.

es: CHURROS (2) Diferentes usos de arcilla.

A coil is clay rolled into a solid tube by hand or using a slab roller, it can be of any size, length or width.


a) Rolling out a coil.
b) Building up a bowl with coils.
c) Coil decorating; adding coils to form a design on clay already shaped.
d) Coils to attach; are used to provisionally join a cay object to a board or wheel, to prevent it from moving while being turned or moved.
e) Coils to strengthen joins; like the inner and outer corners of boxes. They can also be used for attaching wooden walls for making molds. .

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