Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi




Displaying tiles of individual designs: the photo shows a wall displaying tiles, where you can see what a large amount can be displayed without taking up a lot of room; this method allows you to take the tiles out and put them back individually.

Wall stand – side view
The space under the bar that goes over the top of the tile must be large enough for the tile to be moved up over the bottom bar. When the tile is in place, the wood at the top overlaps and holds it.

To put in and take out tiles: slip the tile up and under the top edge, over the bottom edge and let it down. The size of the space left at the top must be calculated so the tile can be lifted up, out and over the bottom edge. The exact measurement must be calculated so that the part of the bar which overlaps the tile when holding it in place at the bottom and top, is as small as possible, so as not to cut too much of the design.

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