Ceramic - Pottery Dictionary

by Susan Mussi

DECORATING A FISH (3) Painting in pottery.

ca: DECORACIÓ D’UN PEIX (3) Pintant ceràmica.

es: DECORACIÓN DE UN PEZ (3) Pintando cerámica.

Decorating a fish. This is the last of three sections, which go through the whole process of molding, casting and decorating the same piece. The first illustration is a photo of the original design. To start prepare all the colors you need to match the ones in the photo. Paint directly onto the fired clay; cover the top of every small, separated square with the right color. Artists work in different ways, some paint one color and then another, but here the artist starts at the center and leaves the bottom edge with the writing for the end. When finished, the top is sprayed with a transparent glaze and then fired at 980º C.

Photos taken in the workshop of Sot: www.ceramicasot.com

This subject has three section: Molding – A fish (1) and Casting – A fish (2)